When I think of what influences how and where I shop I’m constantly surprised how much I rely on recommendations from friends and family.  One of strongest influencers of whether I go see a particular movie is what my friends are saying about it on social media.  Even though I don’t always want to admit that my choice to go see a move or eat at a particular restaurant is influenced by those around me, it truly is.

Word-of-mouth marketing is and will probably always be the most valuable source of new business for almost any industry.  I am regularly in contact with business owners great and small and hands-down they all say the same thing, my current customers are my main source of new business from their referrals.

Many businesses are stuck between a rock and hard place when they’re trying to move the needle for sales.  They’re either doing business in a market that’s not well known, have a location that’s not super visible or are competing in a crowded space.  For each of these situations, the low hanging fruit for expanding market share and increased sales is turning to your ambassadors (i.e. current customers).

Last year I was invited to join Huupr, a start up which has word-of-mouth running through it’s veins!  The idea of Huupr is simple, why not reward your current customers with cash for referrals?  Instead of spending a couple dollars on advertising for each new customer put those couple dollars in the hands of a loyal customer who has a friend, family member or colleague who would wholeheartedly visit your business because of the referral?  At Huupr we say “huup” a business to your friend.  It’s a old idea taken to the next level, all from the palm of your hand with your mobile phone.  There’s nothing more trusting than a huup (or recommendation) from a friend or family member.

If you haven’t become a huupster yet, you must check it out.  Join the movement today and start huuping your favorite businesses, or even suggest a business and earn a cash reward! http://www.huupr.com/install

Frankly Speaking:  With Huupr, businesses pay zero dollars to sign up and nothing until a purchase is made.  It’s literally a risk free opportunity for any business, who wouldn’t do it!?