Did you know social media content can be targeted by language or region?  Both Facebook and Twitter allow you to target your content to specific audiences.  If you use a publishing tool like SproutSocial the targeting is even easier!  Since tools like Sprout have access to Twitter and Facebook’s APIs, it allows for solid integration of publishing options.

Let’s say your company has recently started planning to market a new product that’s only going to be available in a particular country.  That’s ok!  You can target your content by a specific country on Twitter and Facebook.  In SproutSocial all you have to do is select the “Publishing” tab, click “Compose” and click on the social profiles you want to post to and then select the small globe in the bottom left hand corner of the “Compose” box.  Type in the country and schedule your post!  Facebook ads even lets you target by country, language or down to the State or geographic area.

If you have content in a specific language you can target that way as well.  On Facebook specifically, you can choose which language you want to post.  When typing the language into the search field when using SproutSocial, some languages even give you a “global” option, like Global English or Global Spanish.  Having access to posting options likes language and geography allow you to reach many audiences with a single page or account.

So if you’ve been considering having numerous social media accounts for a particular product or audience, try investigating the possibility of targeting by language or country first.  This will save you time and resources and allow you to work more efficiently, with segmented messaging or audiences.

Frankly Speaking:  Use targeting for a more tactical way to communicate with your audiences.